rdj and jude law have had sex

In The Flesh
    ∟ Kieren Walker → “He’s beautiful. He’s incredible.


Unbroken (2014) dir. Angelina Jolie

If I can take it, I can make it.

Harvey Specter wearing things that are not suits.

haha my first thought when i woke up was “holy fuck i love one direction” lmao

my rats literally only eat stuff it’s been covered in my saliva first. i tried giving sansa some of my dill pickle sunflower seeds but she ignored them, so i was like whatever dude and started eating them then she scampers over to me, rips open my lip and steals it. dis bish


If you ever feel bad just remeber there is a gif of me floating around tumblr of when I was 8 and I sat on the escalator and knocked down a table of jewelry at macys

do you folks have personal twitters? if ya do hit me up with a follow on mine- hfidd


raise your hand if u think arya stark is gonna die